Welcome to the desert of the real...

Fresh off the production line, the Petros is part of the New Zion Fleet. Her mission is to continue to monitor activity inside and outside the Matrix. Though there is peace several rogue factions have arisen to try and end this peace, or simply to claim some of the power in the new vacuum created. Programs and people alike are at the mercy of these factions as they vie for control.

But the Petros is now complete and onboarding new crew, most of whom have never been on a ship quite like the Petros, a 3rd generation hovercraft with all of the latest technological advancements, complete with an onboard database to hold programs, some of whom may be smuggled out of the Matrix to the Zion Archives, others choosing to stay on the ship to help in any way they can.

When a mysterious signal is received from a long abandoned branch of the underground network, the Petros is dispatched to investigate. What they find will have ramifications for both inside and outside the Matrix.

Welcome to a new era, an era of peace... or so we hope.

Welcome to Petros...

Petros is a Matrix roleplaying group set shortly after the end of the war with the machines, shortly after The Matrix Revolutions.

We are an adults-only group with an RP Rating of 3.3.3, though these elements will not be the primary focus of the story, they will be present.